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Sold out on December 9th.


The Synth Voice is an original analog octaver that has extraordinary tracking, huge headroom, and heavy-hitting synthesized tones. This Deluxe model improves upon the original by increasing sustain, as well as adding active filters to shape the tone of each voice.


The Synth Voice Deluxe detects your input signal frequency and generates a synthesized tone at the same fundamental frequency. The volume of this signal is controlled by the SYNTH knob. The synth signal is perfect for adding heft to your clean signal, or changing your clean signal to a completely different voice.


The synth tone is used to create the sub signal one octave below the fundamental frequency. The volume of this signal is controlled by the SUB knob. The tone of this signal is fat and bassy, compared to the typical glitchy video game sounding tones you tend to get from other octave pedals.


Mixing in your input signal with the CLEAN knob, you can beef up your regular tone, add a sub octave for extra low end, or cut out your clean signal entirely, creating a completely synthesized signal.


The filter knobs cut high frequency content from their respective clean, synth, and sub signals. These controls are reminiscent of a filter knob on a synthesizer. At higher filter settings, the synth and sub become a pure tone, similar to a sine wave. Reducing the filter adds harmonics, creating more of a square wave tone.


The pedal requires a 9V DC power supply (not included). The DC supply should be a standard Boss style connector, center negative polarity. The current draw is approximately 50 mA.

The Synth Voice Deluxe uses a soft touch stomp switch to actuate a relay, providing true bypass operation.

Dimensions: 4.77" long x 3.6" wide


The user can define whether the pedal defaults to bypassed or unbypassed upon power-up. Unplug the power from the pedal, hold down the footswitch, and then apply power. This toggles the default power-up state.


A Note on Analog Octavers


The Synth Voice Deluxe provides some of the best tracking and sustain you will ever experience on an analog octaver, and should be an easy and fun pedal to use. Understanding how analog octavers work can improve your interaction with this, and any analog octaver.


Most octavers work by detecting the strongest frequency and dividing this frequency in half. If your signal contains high levels of harmonics, the octaver may fluctuate between which frequency it chooses to reproduce. To produce a tone that does not fluctuate, you will need to play in a way that ensures the fundamental frequency remains prominent.


Here are some tips on how to ensure your fundamental is strong, optimizing the octaver's ability to track your signal. Experiment with what works for you.


  • Play finger style instead of with a pick.
  • Play away from the bridge and closer to the neck.
  • Favor pickups closer to the neck.
  • Use a compressor to even out your signal.
  • Improve your fretting technique to ensure there is no fret buzz or string noise.
  • Boost your signal before the octaver.
  • Use a tone control and/or EQ to cut treble frequencies.
  • Keep your signal clean (no overdrive/distortion) prior to the octaver.

Synth Voice Deluxe

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