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The Subsonic Analog Octaver is a recreation of the classic OC-2. Starting with the original circuit and components, the Subsonic improves upon the OC-2 with the removal of the active bypass circuitry. The output passive mixer has been replaced with an active mixer, allowing for signals to go well above unity gain. And finally, the Subsonic allows for higher input voltages (up to 18V) for even more headroom for hotter signals. The Subsonic is faithful to the original tone of the OC-2 while adding modern upgrades that make it even more useful.



  • Original OC-2 tone and tracking
  • Independent Clean and Octave volume controls (-2 octave removed)
  • Soft touch relay bypass replaces old active bypass
  • Active output mixer allows for more volume available at the output
  • Accepts 9 – 18 volts DC



1Mohm input impedance

5mA current draw at 9V

10mA current draw at 18V

100 ohm output impedance


Please note that the Subsonic has a transparent finish, and all of the imperfections of the enclosure will show through, including grain, scratches, and streaks. It is intentionally rugged looking.


Dimensions: 4.77" long x 2.6" wide


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