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Sold out September 15th


The Phase Locked Loop (PLL) is a fuzz/synth pedal with parallel Multiplier and Divider harmonies. Create thick fuzz tones with complimentary harmonies, or let the PLL go wild with crazy glissandos and dive bombs. This all analog pedal is amazingly fun and probably even useful.



Volume - a master volume control for the output of the pedal

Trigger - biases the gain stage to feel gated or more loose. Min and max settings tend to be more gated. This control varies in how it behaves depending on the waveshape you feed it, meaning, different instruments and even different players will have different results. Experimentation is crucial!

Gain - determines how saturated your signal gets in the Square Wave channel

Loop Track - affects how well the notes are tracked in the Multiplier and Divider signals

Lag Time - controls the rise and fall times of the M