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This design is archived and is not in current production. For more information on archived pedals, click on the Archive link at the top of this page.


The Maestro is a faithful recreation of the original Brassmaster bass fuzz from the 70s. It utilizes new old stock silicon transistors, as well as the audio transformer and silicon diodes that give it the unique octave fuzz characteristic. The Maestro captures all of the original tone in a 125B enclosure with top jacks, in a striking sparkling pink finish.


The fuzz knob gives a variety of distortion characteristics, from mild overdrive, to a cutting distortion, to a splattery fuzz. The clean and fuzz level knobs allow you to mix in just the right amount of clean signal with the fuzz tone, with plenty of volume on tap.


The tone switch is the same function as the brass switch on the original unit. The mode switch is the same function as the harmonic switch on the original unit. The tone and mode switches only affect the fuzz signal. These switches essentially affect the degree of bandpass filtering applied to the fuzz signal. Experiment with the tone and mode switches at various fuzz levels to discover a wide variety of fuzz textures and tones.


The pedal requires a DC power supply (not included). The DC supply should be a standard Boss style connector, center negative polarity. It can accept 9 to 24 volts. At higher voltages, there will be slightly higher gain on the fuzz side, and slightly higher clean headroom on the clean side. The current draw is approximately 10 mA.


The Maestro has a true bypass switch.


Dimensions: 4.77" long x 2.6" wide


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