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The Locust Star is an homage to the classic LM308 Rat distortion, combining an array of upgrades that make this one highly versatile dirt pedal. It is a small batch pedal and will be limited in production.


The tone control of a distortion pedal can drastically change the character. A simple passive filter can only provide one dimension of tonal range. The Locust Star instead uses an active shelving EQ, creating far more possible tonal profiles. The Bass control provides more than enough low end for bass players--no clean blend is needed. The Treble control ranges from bright and raspy all the way to a dark and warm tone. To get a mid-forward tone, turn both EQ knobs down and boost the volume. To get a mid-scooped tone, turn both EQ knobs up and lower the volume. The EQ is flat with both knobs at noon.


The three position Clip switch varies the clipping between standard silicon diodes (switch down position), LEDs (switch up position), or no diodes (switch middle position). In the no diodes position, the distortion is generated in the LM308 chip.


The Range knob reduces the upper mid bump and lowers the amount of gain inherent to the original unit, allowing for more of a full frequency overdrive effect. Maximum gain and upper mid bump is available when the Range knob is fully clockwise.


The Locust Star uses an internal charge pump to double the incoming power supply voltage for even more headroom, allowing more range of break-up with the gain control. Using the maximum supply voltage, and selecting no-clipping mode, you get an excellent bass preamp with a touch sensitive overdrive. The headroom is large enough to easily drive a power amp to full volume.


The pedal requires a DC power supply (not included). The DC supply should be a standard Boss style connector, center negative polarity. The pedal can accept 9 to 18 volts . The current draw is approximately 20 mA.


The Locust Star has a true bypass switch.


Dimensions: 4.77" long x 2.6" wide


The Locust Star has a transparent finish that shows all of the imperfections of the aluminum diecast enclosure. There are scratches, scrapes, pits, grains, blotches, and all sorts of imperfections, giving an overall rugged look. These are not sorted for "B-stock" as most of these have various flaws.

Locust Star

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