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This design is archived and is not in current production. For more information on archived pedals, click on the Archive link at the top of this page.


The High Pass Filter DI is an active direct box that incorporates a variable high pass filter, gain control, and an input impedance selector. 


The gain knob ranges from unity to +20 dB of clean gain.


The input impedance can be adjusted for pickups that require higher impedances. The settings are fixed at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 MΩ. The selector should be set to 1MΩ if using magnetic pickups or other active signals.


The variable high pass filter ranges from 25 to 190 Hz with a slope of 12 dB/octave. An additional fixed filter is set at 25 Hz at 12 dB/octave to remove subsonic artifacts, which can help protect speakers from over excursion.


The phase switch toggles between 0° (switch is in) and 180° (switch is out). The phase switch can help eliminate resonances that cause feedback.


The active DI balanced output is driven by a quality operational amplifier and is capable of driving very long cable lengths (up to 500 ft) and can drive 600Ω rated balanced inputs. The unbalanced 1/4" output can be used to feed an instrument amplifier, or other instrument level effects equipment. Both outputs are post effect.


The High Pass Filter DI can be powered by a 9V battery, an external center negative 9V DC supply, or by phantom power. The ground lift switch must be pressed in (connected) to enable phantom power. If using an external DC supply, ensure it does not exceed 9V, and that it is a standard Boss style barrel connector. The current draw is approximately 10 mA.


Dimensions: 4.77" wide x 2.6" long

High Pass Filter DI

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