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This design is archived and is not in current production. For more information on archived pedals, click on the Archive link at the top of this page.


The Helion is the preamp section of the Traynor TS-50B bass amp. It features a combination of op-amps and transistors to give a hard hitting solid state tone. An internal power supply chip provides the full +/-15V supply as in the original amp, allowing plenty of headroom to easily achieve line level. At higher gain settings, the Helion creates a cutting grindy tone. Check out the bands Shellac and The Jesus Lizard for examples of bass using the TS-50B amp.



  • Bass, treble, and middle equalizer for tone shaping
  • Boost switch gives even more gain at higher frequencies
  • Pad switch gives 12dB of attenuation at the output if line level is not needed
  • Can easily drive a power amp


The pedal requires a 9V DC power supply (not included). The DC supply should be a standard Boss style connector, center negative polarity. The current draw is approximately 15 mA.


The Helion has a true bypass switch.


Dimensions: 4.77" long x 2.6" wide


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