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This design is archived and is not in current production. For more information on archived pedals, click on the Archive link at the top of this page.


The Fliptop Boost is the gain section of the Fliptop pedal. The JFETs are chosen specifically with bass guitar in mind, allowing a large headroom and sweet dynamics for virtually any instrument output. Without the EQ section to drop down the signal, the Fliptop Boost gives a substantial amount of gain. The taper of the boost has been reconfigured so that the minimum setting is approximately unity gain. The maximum amount of gain is between 30-40 dB, depending on the supply voltage, and how strong your input signal is. Higher input signals will cause compression at very high levels of boost.


The Fliptop Boost has a mild EQ applied, which tapers off the deepest lows to keep the compression from being too mushy, as well as a roll-off of the ultra high frequencies to keep harsh sizzle from ruining an otherwise thick, colorful tone. It is much wider of a response than the cab sim from the original Fliptop, but enough of an effect to keep the output clear and focused. It could be compared to the frequency response of a modern cabinet without a tweeter.


The Fliptop Boost works great as a first in line buffer/booster. It works equally as well as a final stage boost, pushing your amplifier for more volume and sparkle. The low output impedance will allow it to drive other pedals, preamps, instrument amplifiers, and even power amplifiers. The Fliptop Boost is a great option to add color to other pedals, such as octavers, envelope filters, and modulation effects.


Higher supply voltages will provide more headroom, but the harmonics and light compression inherent to the topology will still come through well. Even at 9V, there is plenty of headroom and boost, with some breakup at higher boost settings.


The DC supply should be a standard Boss style connector, center negative polarity. It can accept 9 to 24 volts. The current draw is approximately 10 mA.


The Fliptop Boost has a true bypass switch.


Dimensions: 3.7" x 1.6"

Fliptop Boost

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