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Sold out on May 17th. Check back for future release dates.


The Filter FX Loop is a utility pedal used for mixing any external effect with your clean signal while offering filtering, level, and phase controls for further tone shaping.


The Filter FX Loop works by splitting your signal into two parallel paths: Clean and Effect.

  • The Clean path has LPF and Level controls (white knobs).
  • The Effect path has HPF, LPF and Level controls (blue knobs) as well as a phase switch. The HPF is placed before the effect, while the LPF, Level, and Phase controls are post effect.
  • The two signals are summed together and sent to the output.


The filters can be used to alter the feel and performance of an effect. Experiment with your effects to find new possibilities.

  • Modulation can benefit from removing the low end, making them less blurry and boomy, while the clean low end can be mixed back in for a full spectrum signal.
  • Reverb can be altered by filtering the low and high end, changing the character of the reverb.
  • Distortion can sound more aggressive by cutting the low end, and warmer by cutting the high end. Mix in your clean signal and create your own transparent overdrive.


The Filter FX Loop uses a relay for bypass operation and is actuated by a soft touch (non-clicking) foot switch. When bypassed, the unaffected input signal is hardwired to the output jack.


The Filter FX Loop requires a DC power supply (not included). The DC supply should be a standard Boss style connector, center negative polarity. It can accept 9 to 24 volts. Although 9 volts is sufficient for most applications, higher supply voltages will provide more clean headroom when using the pedal with high level (including line level) effects. The current draw is approximately 20 mA. A 24 volt power supply may be purchased separately.


Instrument cables and patch cables used must not exceed 0.65" (1.65 cm) in width. Most jacks will fit, with the exception of pancake style jacks.


Dimensions: 3.75" long x 3.62" wide


The user can define whether the pedal defaults to bypassed or unbypassed upon power-up. Unplug the power from the pedal, hold down the footswitch, and then apply power. This toggles the default power-up state.

Filter FX Loop

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