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The Electronic Tube Direct Injection is a high voltage tube driven DI with an optional mono output, also driven by the tube at unity gain. This version of the ETDI differs from the pedal version by being mains powered. This allows the tube to operate at a stable high voltage, allowing clean headroom with any signal source up to line level. The DI also uses a new production, ruggedized 12AU7 for long life and reliable, clean operation.


The ETDI can be used for warming up your pedal board signal, or placed in the effects loop of a mixer or amplifier. At the same time, the ETDI drives your signal to a mixing board via a transformer coupled balanced output. Additionally, the Thru jack provides an unaffected signal that is in parallel to your input in case you want to send your clean signal to the input of an amplifier.


The internal power supply has been designed such that any noise present is minimized due to a push-pull topology. As a result, the output signal has very low noise.


The ground lift switch connects Pin 1 of the XLR to the chassis when pressed in, and disconnects when the switch is out.


The ETDI comes with a 6 foot power cable.


The input impedance is 1MΩ.


It takes approximately 15 seconds for the tube to warm up. A glow will eminate from the ventilation holes, showing the power is on. After switching the unit off, the ETDI will take approximately 15 seconds to completely power down.


To ensure maximum tube life, power off the ETDI when not in use.


Dimensions: 7.4" long x 4.6" wide

Electronic Tube Direct Injection

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