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The Dystopia is an original transistor fuzz pedal. Ranging from pinched and tight fuzz tones to devasting wall of sound, the Dystopia has your heavy fuzz needs covered.


The gain control of the Dystopia is a variable input resistance, allowing for all types of guitars and basses to be used. Use your volume control or a volume pedal to further control the dynamics and sensitivity of the pedal.


The tone control pans between bass (CCW) and treble (CW) . The mid control is a cut/boost of mids and is most prominent with the tone control at center. The gate varies between open to completely choked/synthy type distortion. The gate is more prominent at higher gain levels. The tone is highly reflective of your pickups, playing style, and amplifier.


Accepts 9 to 24V DC with a 5 mA current draw. 


Dimensions: 4.77" long x 2.6" wide


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