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The Buffer Bandwidth Amplifier is an always on utility pedal that improves your signal to noise ratio, provides consistent tone and clarity in any setup, and filters out unwanted subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies.


The BBA is designed to be transparent, capturing and preserving your natural tone. Whether you have a huge pedal board, or just go straight to the amp, the BBA provides a consistent impedance for your pickups. Long cable lengths no longer rob you of your high end. Cycling different pedals on and off no longer give unexpected loading on your pickups. The BBA can reliably feed your signal into a variety of devices such as pedals, preamps, DI boxes, amplifiers, mixers, and recording interfaces.


In addition to being a high quality buffer, the BBA provides ultra low noise gain. It varies from 0 dB (unity), to +20 dB, and is completely clean. For some pickups, this is enough boost to bring your signal to line level for studio equipment, or simply give your signal a little extra volume as needed. Placing the BBA first in your signal path can greatly improve your signal to noise ratio.


Taking things even further, the BBA is a bandwidth optimizer. Musical instrument signals can contain frequencies above and below the range of human hearing, and these frequencies can be problematic for audio gear. The BBA filters these extreme frequencies while preserving your tone.


The BBA uses a high quality Burr Brown opamp for superior audio performance, and for rejection of noise. The power circuitry is designed to provide clean DC voltage, and filters out high frequency hash from noisy power supplies.


The BBA requires a DC supply (not included). The supply must be at least 9V, but no greater than 24V. Using 9V will provide adequate headroom for instrument level signals. For stronger signals, including line level, use of a higher voltage is recommended for more headroom. The BBA draws 10mA. The connector must be a boss style, 2.1mm barrel with center negative polarity. A 24 volt power supply may be purchased separately.


The stock input impedance is 1MΩ, and will work well with bass, guitar, keys, synths, and other electronic instruments. If you have an acoustic pickup that requires a specialized input impedance, write it in the notes during check-out, and we will accomodate the request at no extra cost. The output impedance is 100Ω. 


Dimensions: 3.64" wide x 1.75" long x 1.06" tall

Buffer Bandwidth Amplifier

  • We ship internationally. All orders will be shipped via Canada Post. Your shipping cost will appear at check-out.

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