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This design is archived and is not in current production. For more information on archived pedals, click on the Archive link at the top of this page.



  • One JJ 12AX7 tube for gain and tone shaping, one JJ 12AU7 tube for the mid control and for driving the output.
  • Bass and Treble shelving EQ, noon is a flat response
  • Inductor based Middle EQ, noon is a flat response
  • Gain knob provides plenty of range for a variety of input signals
  • Boost switch increases the gain for more drive
  • Depth switch controls the amount of low end in the drive section
  • Line out is a 1/4" mono jack that provides a line level signal
  • Balanced out is transformer isolated, includes ground lift
  • Dual input/thru jacks for an unaffected parallel out 
  • Choose North American or European AC voltage when purchasing


Detailed Description

The Archetype is an original tube preamp designed to cover everything from a clean and clear powerful bass tone to a full tube overdrive. The Archetype tube preamp utilitzes a topology that, when driven hard, produces soft, asymmetric compression and a warm, harmonic grind. 


The three band EQ, boost switch, and three way depth switch provides some of the most versatile tone shaping possible in such a small package. Simultaneously send a DI out to a mixer and the line out to a power amplifier for maximum utility. The Archetype is a tone monster that works great for a variety of musical applications.



  • All knobs at noon, boost off (left) is a great starting point
  • Set gain low for maximum clean headroom
  • Set gain above noon for more drive; boost on (right) for more overdrive
  • Use the Depth switch to change the low character of the overdrive
  • Use the Bass control to add in lows removed from the Depth switch
  • Adjust the Middle control in small increments; it has a wide range of effect
  • Remove your instrument cables from the Input/Thru jacks to mute the preamp
  • The Archetype takes approximately 30 seconds to warm up fully
  • The Power LED will slowly fade out when turning off the power


Shipment will be made within three business days. Shipping service via Canada Post includes tracking and insurance.


The Archetype comes with a power cable for North American purchases only. 


Dimensions: 10" wide, 8.75" deep, 2.5" tall

Weight: 6 pounds


The Archetype fits in the Apache 3800 case.

Archetype Tube Preamp

Out of Stock
  • We ship internationally. All orders will be shipped via Canada Post. Please limit your order to one preamp only. Do not combine with other pedals. Your shipping cost will appear at check-out.

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