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New look, same P15 preamp: The P15 preamp has a new look, but the same internal tube, transformers, and overall design. Manufacturing of the P15 steel chassis has been moved to a Canadian company in order to provide a more consistent output, which means better availability of the preamp.



The P15 ships within three business days of purchasing. Please do not order more than one preamp, or combine your order with other pedals. If the P15 is out of stock, please check this page for future release updates.



Overview The P15 is a tube preamp based on the classic B15 bass amplifier. It is an exact recreation of the preamp section, using one 6SL7 tube. The topology is based on the later models that place the Volume control after the first gain stage, followed by the second gain stage driving the Bass and Treble equalizer. A high voltage MOSFET cleanly drives both the line output and the transformer coupled balanced output.



The input is designed for mono instrument level signals via a 1/4" jack. Additionally, the P15 has a "Thru" jack. You can use your input signal coming out of the Thru jack to feed another device, such as a tuner, or a bass amp. The P15 does not affect the signal of the Thru jack. The input is muted when neither jack is used.



The Volume controls the amount of signal transferred from the first gain stage to the second gain stage. The Volume control can be set to reach a line level output when using instrument level signals. Tube overdrive can be introduced at higher volume levels. The Bass and Treble controls are standard shelving type equalization. With the knobs at noon, the frequency response is flat.



The balanced output is transformer coupled, and can drive long XLR cable lengths to feed a mixing console, or other equipment that accepts balanced signals. The output is stepped down from the line out signal. The ground lift button connects pin 1 of the XLR to the chassis of the P15. Releasing the button disconnects pin 1. Choose the option that provides the least amount of noise. Phantom power should not be used on the P15, but no damage will occur if connected.


The line output is an unbalanced mono signal coming from the 1/4" jack. This is capable of driving power amps, or other equipment that accepts line level signals. Both outputs may be used simultaneously. Due to the high level signal output, you may wish to use a pad (attenuator) on the receiving device. Set your volume and tone controls on the P15 as desired, and then add gain, if needed, at the receiving device.



The P15 uses a new production JJ 6SL7 tube. Vintage tubes have become increasingly unreliable, so the new production JJ tube has been chosen for all future P15 production. We do not accept requests to use different tubes.


Mains Power

When ordering, choose either the 115VAC model for North American voltage, or 230VAC model for European voltage.



The P15 is 6" wide by 10.5" long. The height of the enclosure is 4.25", and the handle extends another 1.75", for a total height of 6". It weighs 6 pounds.



Shipping costs will update when you input your information upon checkout. International shipping is available. The package dimensions are 14" x 8" x 8". All shipments are insured and come with tracking.


The P15 does not come with a case. These cases will fit the P15:

Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF

Gator G-MIXERBAG-1306

Apache 3800


The P15 comes with a power cable for North American purchases only.

P15 Tube Preamp

  • We ship internationally. All orders will be shipped via Canada Post. Please limit your order to one P15 only. Do not combine with other pedals. Your shipping cost will appear at check-out.

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